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Recent Court Decisions

March 13, 2014  Florida Supreme Court Eliminates Statutory Cap For Noneconomic Damages In Wrongful Death Medical Malpractice Cases Read About It
January 24, 2014  Florida's Insurable Interest Statute Precludes Recovery Beyond Insured's Revenue Stream From Nonowned Property Read About It
October 15, 2013  Summary Judgment for Insurer Affirmed in Bad-Faith Case Read About It
September 03, 2013  The 'Structural Damage' Requirement for 'Sinkhole Loss' in Florida: Conflict Within The Federal District Court for the Middle District of Florida Read About It
July 10, 2013  Florida Arbitration Code is not Applicable to Appraisal Awards Read About It
July 03, 2013  Florida Supreme Court Splits on Resolution of Ambiguity in Insurance Contracts Read About It