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Recent Court Decisions

Cal. Rptr. 3d   Adjusters Can be Liable for Misrepresentations When an Insured Relies on the Statements and is Later Harmed (California) Read About It
11th Cir.  'Structural Damage' Means 'Damage That Impairs the Structural Integrity of the Building' Read About It
Fla. 3rd DCA   Summary Judgment Appropriate in Late Notice Case Read About It
Fla. 5th DCA   Water Exclusion Bars Coverage for Damage to Pool Deck Resulting from Subsurface Water Pressure Read About It
Fla. 4th DCA  Bad-Faith Action Becomes Ripe Following Appraisal Award Read About It
Fla. 2d DCA  Insurer May Withhold Payment Of Subsurface Repairs Read About It