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Recent Court Decisions

August 20, 2014  Insurer May Withhold Payment Of Subsurface Repairs Read About It
September 17, 2014  Excess Verdict From UM Trial Is Binding In Subsequent Bad-Faith Trial Read About It
August 27, 2014  Eleventh Circuit Affirms Summary Judgment For UM Insurer, Upholding Realignment of Parties, Diversity, and Standing Read About It
August 04, 2014  Ninth Circuit Holds One-Year Removal Deadline in Diversity Cases Can Be Waived Read About It
July 23, 2014  ‘Your Work' Exclusion Bars Coverage For Cost Of Tearing Down And Rebuilding Wall To Replace Defective Insulation Material Used By Insured Read About It
June 11, 2014  Appellate Court Affirms Strict E-Service Requirement To Perfect Right To F.S. § 57.105 Fee Award Read About It